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The John McDouall Stuart Society Inc. welcomes all as potential members of the Society.

  • Membership is from January to December inclusive.
  • Annual Subscription: $ 30.00
  • Subscriptions are due for renewal on 1st January of each year.
  • Please print this form & remit it to the Stuart Society.
  • No advance subscriptions are available.
  • Please send your subs in a.s.a.p.

Benefits of Membership

Each year, you will receive three Society Newsletters and a copy of the Annual Address.

The Newsletters have current notices of forthcoming events, and they contain well researched articles of not just Stuart, his Companions and their journeys, but all manner of related aspects. From horses, to well sinking, to grand mansions, to space travel and to current Society activities, it’s all found in the Newsletters.

The opportunity to engage on a personal level with other members. The social and networking aspect of membership is sometimes cited as the strongest benefit of  joining.

Access to activities limited to members only field trips, restoration projects, talks, social events, and Society events.

Access to the Society’s records-very valuable for research purposes.

First access to publications and Society events.

Provision of ongoing support, which enables the Society to continue to recognise and celebrate Stuart, his companions, their activities and their lives.

Strong linkages with kindred organisations.