• Monday, May 30th, 2016

Danny Gillies says his new play, titled “(JOURNAL), The Journal Entries of Australia’s Most Misunderstood Explorer” was created through his wish to reinstate Mr Stuart as Australia’s Greatest Explorer, by giving a realistic and at times emotional performance of his own interpretation of the man.

“The idea for the play came to me about three years ago,” he says. “I wanted to bring Stuart back from the past, to tell what he had seen and felt as he traveled through unknown Australia 153 years ago. I had trouble getting a local actor to play the role, and just as much difficulty finding someone to produce and direct. I funded the play myself, and in the end decided to perform the role myself, as well as direct and produce. I even made the props myself.”

The only South Australian performance will be on June 24, 2016 at 7.00 pm. Details on the poster, below.


Noted Central Australian historian, Dick Kimber AM, had this to say about ‘Journal’:

I was greatly impressed by his instant transformation, he became the Explorer John McDouall Stuart. Danny’s one man play gives dignity to Stuart and is a work of integrity from start to finish.

Russell Guy, author, said:

I saw Journal, the play about Stuart by Danny Gillies on Sunday night and wished I’d seen it on Saturday night as well. Rarely, have I wanted to see a play twice. Phaedra at the Opera House last year comes to mind. Mr. Gillies’s play belongs in the classics.

See you there!


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