• Monday, August 29th, 2011

Stuart's fully restored grave, 2011

Until very recently, visitors who paid their respects at the grave of Australia’s greatest inland explorer probably did not know that the grave they were viewing had been incomplete since World War 2. Back then, the 2.7 metre granite needle sitting on top of the grave pedestal was dislodged and went ‘missing’.

For the last 66 years, a lack of funds has prevented the full restoration of his grave. Now the needle on his grave has been replaced with a grey granite needle sourced from India. Financial assistance was received from a Commonwealth Government grant (Commemorating Eminent Australians), the Royal Geographical Society of South Australia, and the John McDouall Stuart Society.

Stuart’s grave is now ready for 2012, when on July 25th a ceremony to recognise the arrival on the north coast of Australia on that day, 150 years ago, will be held. Stuart and his Companions were the first Europeans to cross the continent from south to north, through the centre, and return without loss of life.

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